The Countrywide Park Homes Guide to choosing your luxury Park Home or Lodge

There is no better thought than knowing that your very own stunning park home or lodge, set in a picturesque setting in your favourite area, is your key to instant luxury, elegance and relaxation. With owning a Luxury Park Home or Lodge, you are able to escape life’s everyday moments in a seconds notice and disappear into your very own slice of heaven.

And believe it or not, finding your own piece of sanctuary has never been easier – it all begins with finding the perfect lodge that caters for you and your every need.

It’s All About the Location…
Choosing you perfect luxury holiday park home or lodge all begins with choosing the perfect location; do you favour long walks on the beach? Or do you enjoy experiencing the hustle and bustle of busy cities? Whatever your preference, the location is vital for ensuring that you enjoy your holiday home time and time again. It should be a place that fulfils your every desire and be somewhere that offers you something different to your home location.

When choosing the perfect location, it is essential to consider the following key points; look at the types of hobbies you and your family enjoy, as well as family opinions and personal preferences. This is an area that will become significant to you and your family, and so it needs to be perfect.

Before you make a final decision, be sure to visit the shortlisted area or areas to make sure it fulfills everything you imagined.

A Little Piece of Luxury…
When choosing the park home or lodge of your dreams, the considerations you need to make are the same as if you were choosing a new house. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, heating, double glazing, facilities and appliances are all the typical areas of focus – they may seem trivial but collectively they make for the ideal holiday home for you and your family. If you are able to find a park home or lodge with all of your favourite attributes it really makes for the perfect home away from home.

It is impossible to gain a true view on a home until you have seen it for yourself – so take in the beauty, explore the surrounding area and picture yourself enjoying many happy times there. Even if you have found a few park homes or lodges that appeal to you, make sure you visit them a couple of times to ensure you chose the right one.

Making the right decision is so important, and you need to ensure that you’re truly happy with your purchase before you sign on the dotted line.

Lets Talk Money…
All of our lodge developments are also included in the Countrywide Park Homes 100% Part Exchange Scheme which often allows people to change their way of life for an idyllic country setting.

Our 100% Part Exchange scheme is a very simple process which enables you to part exchange your current property for luxury holiday lodges and quite often release some equity to treat yourself and the family to a holiday or maybe even a new car.

There is a lot to think about before you are settled into your park home or luxury lodge, but the amount of thought, research and discussion is more than worth it when you find yourself sitting within a home that is located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by the passions you hold in high esteem, and the ability to escape your busy life at a moments notice…

There are a number of park homes, lodges and parks to choose from. All with something to meet the needs and desires of everyone. All that is left to do is to make that all important decision of where you want to enjoy yours. To discuss the Countrywide Park Homes locations or to speak to an advisor about the100% Part Exchange scheme, call 0800 690 6060 today.

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