Buying a Park Home

Buying a park home involves no extra difficulties than you might expect when looking for a new traditional property; in fact, there are a few ways in which it’s simpler! Read on for more info on how to buy a park home!

buying a parkhome

Buying a Park Home: The Right Choice for You

Park homes have innumerable benefits. Many may wonder if going about buying a park home is the right move for them. To these doubts, we simply highlight some of the many benefits to buying a park home:

  • Beautiful scenic locations.
  • Relaxed, tranquil sanctuaries, far from the grey, concrete jungle and frustration of the city.
  • Like minded residents. Those who are looking to buy a park home will often find their neighbours of a similar disposition; mature, experienced people looking for a quiet nest to settle into.
  • Buying a park home often brings you closer to nature, allowing you to enjoy the viridian splendour of the British countryside.
  • Perfect for retirees; most park homes you will find are in the style of modern bungalows, allowing for total mobility regardless of who you are. Park homes, with their secluded remoteness, also make for wonderful getaways for the grandchildren!
  • Perfect for holidays; many opt for buying a park home as a holiday home! A delightful, restful home-from-home for those who wish to get away from it all and relax in the tranquil sanctum you possess after buying a park home.

If any of those features stirs something in you, congratulations; you’ve already realised the benefits and advantages of buying a park home!

buying a park home

Buying a Park Home: Part-Exchange

Financial concerns are an unfortunate blight on otherwise exciting prospects in life. At Countrywide Park Homes, we want to remove as many hurdles as we can in order to make buying a park home as simple a process as possible. If you are concerned about selling your old home in time to invest in park home living, Countrywide Park Homes have the solution: our Part-Exchange scheme!

With out Part-Exchange scheme, we will accept your current home as partial payment for your new park home. Designed to remove a great deal of the stress from buying a park home, it couldn’t be simpler:

  • Visit one of our beautiful residential parks and ask a sales advisor about our Part-Exchange scheme. They will take some information about your existing property such as its location and approximate value in order to give you an estimated Part-Exchange price.
  • Independent surveys will take place on your current property at absolutely no expense to you. Estate agents will then provide us with an anticipated selling price, allowing us to give you final part financial figures.
  • An offer on your current property will be confirmed in writing against your chosen home for your acceptance. With up to 100% market value offered on most homes taken in Part-Exchange, all you need concern yourself with now is moving into your new park home while our solicitors take care of both the sale and purchases!

Buying a Park home: Why Wait?

As you can see, buying a park home couldn’t be simpler! So why wait? Pick up your phone and call 0800 690 6060, or fill in a contact form with your contact details and we’ll strive to get back to you as soon as we can, and you can speak to one of our representatives about buying a park home. In the meantime, why not download one of our brochures?

If you would like more information about your rights when living on a residential park, you can read this government advice.

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